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Your Thoughts on Restricted Free Agent Thaddeus Young

We have a number of enigma's on the Sixers. Andre Iguodala: Enigma. Louis Williams: Enigma. Marreese Speights: Enigma. Jim Carrey: E. Nigma. But none of them, save the Riddler, are in as precarious a position as Thaddeus Young.

As a restricted free agent, the Sixers can match any offer sheet by another team. We saw how that worked out a few years ago with Josh Smith and the soft Grizzlies offer that the Hawks happily matched. For all accounts, the Sixers are hell bent on keeping the 23 year old tweener. From Kate Fagan via my boy Michael Katz at SBN:

"As far as we're concerned, Thad is a key player for us. He's a player that I think really took advantage of the coaching he got from Doug and the other coaches and really came back to where he was two years ago and built on that. We love Thad. All things being [equal] ... let's say we don't sign him but somebody else does. As long as it's reasonable, we'll definitely match it. He's a key guy for us. We need him. And we definitely want to have him back.

"Anytime there is money to be spent, you're worried. And there were so many teams under the cap and a lot of them substantially and particularly when you factor in the ability to amnesty a player -- that brings even more teams into play. I've been through this too many times. You like to say that a player is going to get between here and here (salary-wise), but it only takes one team. So you never know. You never say, 'We're going to sign this particular guy for this.' Because you never know."

Before we weigh in with our thoughts and rants on what should be done with Thad, we're giving you the floor to decide how high the Sixers should go to retain him. Try to be civil.

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