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The Ultimate NBA Draft Prospect Game: UNC at Kentucky

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It's no secret to anybody who reads this blog that we enjoy our college basketball/NBA prospects more than is probably recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists. We're still awaiting the start of the NBA and with college football quickly coming to a close, the slate of college basketball games is only to going to get better and more exciting as we move along. However, it will be tough to top today's afternoon (or early morning you west-coastians) showdown between the University of North Carolina and the nation's top ranked team, the University of Kentucky.

The amount of prospects to watch in this game alone is enough to make any NBA Draft fan as giddy as a school girl who is lucky enough to meet heartthrob Robert Pattinson (my dream). While I always recommend checking out various college games throughout the day in order to fall in love with players on the fringe of making a jump to the pros (Kim English, Tony Mitchell <3), I'm all but requiring you guys to glue your eyes to the television for this one. There will be top 10 talent, some late first round projections and, my favorite, possible second round prospects.

The game starts at noon on CBS for my eastern boys and 9:00 AM for those who are three hours behind us. Hit the jump for a list of the players to watch in this game alone. Warning; the list is absurdly long for one game.

Kentucky Wildcats:

North Carolina Tar Heels:

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