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Sixers Vs. Suns: Advanced Box Score


For the second consecutive game the Sixers attempted less than 20 shots at the rim. I'd still like to see that number increase throughout the season, especially for point guard Jrue Holiday. Jrue led the Sixers in shot attempts with 15, but had zero – that's right ZERO – at the basket. 10 of his 15 shots were beyond 16 feet. He did attack the basket a few times in the third quarter, leading to free throws, but still needs easy baskets to be more efficient.

On the bright side, the Sixers only allowed 12 dunks or layups, as opposed to 33 against the Blazers.

As predicted in my first advanced box score post of the season, the Sixers were unable to maintain their high shooting percentage on shots from 16-23 in game two. Against the Blazers they converted 46 percent of their 26 shots from 16-23. Against the Suns they saw that percentage drop to 28 on one less attempt. Jrue led the team in attempts from 16-23 with seven, with Thaddeus Young coming in second with four.

The only other statistic that stands out is the 37.8 DREB% for Spencer Hawes. That's a phenomenal percentage on the glass, but may be a little deceiving. Yes, Spencer racked up the rebounds, but the majority of his rebounds were once again, with no Suns around him. Every time there was a battle between him and a Suns player for a loose rebound, Spencer often lost the battle. After two games Hawes is averaging 12.5 rebounds per game and leads the league (!) in DREB% at 32.8. I can tell you from watching Hawes in action that those numbers are not an accurate indication of Hawes rebounding skills. He rarely wins the 50/50 rebounds and I imagine his rebounding numbers – both basic and advanced – will adjust accordingly as the season continues.

-- Advanced Box Score

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