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Jrue Holiday "OK" After Knee Injury in Suns Game

With three minutes left and a Sixers 23 point lead over the home Suns, Jrue Holiday took a nasty fall and banged his knee on the court. Assuming the worst, it looked like he could have hyper-extended it or at least got a severe bone bruise that could sideline him for some time and, worst of all, linger. Evidently, we're not to fear.

Per 'ze Twitta of Sixers PR guy Mike Preston...

Coach Collins tells media that Jrue Holiday "just banged his knee on the floor" and that "he's ok."

That's nice to hear, as I had been spending the previous half hour (at a bar) not breathing. Either way, there's really no reason for him to be in the game that late with it already in hand. He's easily the player that matters most on this team and if we could just keep him in a bubble for the rest of the season, I'd be on board with that.

The real issue is that the Sixers don't have a backup point guard to go to in garbage time because Louis Williams gets regular minutes and he should be resting also. They could use a Kevin Ollie (only younger and with upside, of course) to plug in and run whatever half-assed offense needs to be run in blowouts. I don't want to see Jrue get injured, and I'm sure other people don't want to see Lou hurt either.

More proof that Jrue's doing fine...

About to hit this young "in n out" with

In N Out is a west coast burger chain that destroys everything east of the Rockies. The kid's got taste and he's healthy. Hopefully he'll be around for the Jazz game tomorrow night.

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