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Clutch Threes, Hot Lyrics, Averted Robberies: A Day in the Life of Lou Williams

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The legend of the Boss continues to grow.

It all began when the 25 year old sixth man dropped his debut freestyle, aptly titled "Imma Boss". Lou's rapping prowess was immediately scoffed at – as are many NBA players gone Drizzy – and spawned an epic parody, composed by the handsome bloggers on this site.

Truth be known, Lou's skills on the mic aren't half bad, especially for a pro athlete. I mean, "I made my first million 'fo I ever got laid" is still one of my favorite lyrics of all time.

But enough with his lyricism, as rapping only represents a single portion of the versatile Williams' many talents.

As evidenced by his play last night, The Boss can fill it up like few can on the basketball court. He scored 25 points in 27 minutes off the bench, including back-to-back threes – reminiscent of his game winner against the Heat last year – to trim the Blazers' lead to two with 16 seconds remaining.

Whether or not you like the way Lou conducts himself – be it his sometimes questionable shot selection or quasi rap career – you have to respect him. As they say "he does him", and doesn't care what anyone thinks. For a guy without a college education he appears to be very well-spoken and intelligent during his interviews, and he does a lot to give back to the community.

Speaking of, a story recently surfaced that Lou's community work – among other things – may have prevented a potentially dangerous robbery attempt of the Sixers' super sub.

While stopped in his car in Manayunk on Christmas Eve, Williams was approached by a man with a gun. The situation was deflated when the gunman recognized Williams and commended him for his work in the community. Williams said he treated the man to a meal at [McDonald's] by giving him some money.

If there ever was a "BOSS" thing to do, this would be it. Lou had a gun pulled on him on Christmas Eve and somehow turned it into an opportunity to buy the dude an Egg McMuffin.

And arguably the best tidbit from the linked story:

And after a group of Sixers boarded the team bus, with guys like Andre Iguodala looking straight out of GQ, in a three piece suit with a thousand dollar duffle bag, there was Lou Williams shuffling out of the locker room in an oversized white T, flip flops and socks, and carrying his stuff in a giant trash bag. How you can you NOT love a guy like that?

Love him or hate him, you have to admit Lou is one of the most interesting and entertaining characters the Sixers have employed in years. Give him a follow on Twitter for daily BOSSness.

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