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It Begins: Sixers Vs. Blazers Game Thread

Everything has been said. I don't need to hype it up any more. I'm excited, you're excited, she's excited...let's go to the bullet points before somebody gets hurt.

  • Read this optimistic preview of the Sixers season, then read this pessimistic one and get really mad at me for it.
  • Here's our game preview from earlier today and here is the Blazers preview courtesy of the best NBA blog on the internet, Blazers Edge. Here's a poll from this morning asking how many games the Sixers will win on this murderous 5-game road trip to kick off the season. Here's where you should be introducing yourself to the newbies at LB this season. This is what Speezy says.
  • Now to the game. How will Nikola Vucevic play in his first NBA game? Word has it he'll be the second big man off the bench. We'll see.
  • Does Evan Turner grab a bigger role in the offense? His rookie year was a slight disappointment for me because some development curvage was expected. Now, he should be the 3rd best player on the team.
  • Is Jrue Holiday the best player of all-time? Discuss.
  • Andre Iguodala trade rumors - go! Let's all complain about his jump shot!
  • If anyone is attending the game, please kidnap Greg Oden and put a Sixers uniform on him. I pay handsomely.
  • Zumoff!
  • Thaddeus Young is still here, only with a fatter wallet. What will his role be - garbage buckets and open court play or is he an integral role in the offense?
  • Will Spencer Hawes model his luggage on the court? I hope so. God I miss writing during the Lockout. NOT.
  • Tony Battie. Ugh.
  • Malik Rose as color commenter! Let's see if he comes up with fun catchphrases. That'd be swell.

Game one, boys and (girls)! I'm predicting one team will get out to a huge lead and the deficit will get cut to a late game nailbiter. Predictions? PAIN.


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