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Hello There, I'm Liberty Ballers

[Ed. Note: Bumping this up from a few days ago so it doesn't get lost. We want to know you!]

As the minutes tick down to the season, I just wanted to say hello and welcome to Liberty Ballers. Here at our Sixers corner of the internet, we discuss everything from basketball to naps to wrestling to the merits of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. It can be a little disorienting if you're new here but I promise the jokes will start to make sense and we're actually a mostly friendly group of people.

We've got a nice set of rules and regulations for you to read here, and a need-to-be-updated list of jokes and references we go to frequently. I'm sure we'll be adding to that this season starting tonight. We as a blog (not a forum!) tend to take a realistic rather than fanboy approach to the team and we appreciate our commenters to do the same. We all root for success but that does not prevent us from being logical. Or, you can feel free to yell at me for not thinking the Sixers are going to win every game ever with Spencer Hawes and Jodie Meeks in the starting lineup.

Please introduce yourself to the noobs so they feel warm and fuzzy and ready to contribute to a 66-game season of fun. Don't be shy, we'll pull out! Honest!

I'm Mike, 22, from Northeast Philly, living/working at a talent agency in Los Angeles with an affinity for a low usage rate and a peanut allergy. Who are you!?

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