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The 3rd Annual Liberty Ballers Festivus

When the Liberty Ballers Festivus was created, it was something that I thought nobody would embrace and would actually drive them away from reading this site anymore. What I didn't think about, however, was that you guys love stupid things as much as I do, allowing the LB Festivus to carry on strong into its third rendition. Hermione's and Harry's, I'm proud to bring to you the 3rd annual Liberty Ballers Festivus (fortherestivus).

Unlike Festivus' (or Festivi?) or years past, today comes at a time when the NBA season hasn't actually started yet. Luckily for us, we won't have to worry about fretting over a Lou iso or 4-point play that lost the Sixers the game the previous night. All of hearts can be fully embraced in the greatest holiday ever created by a man named Frank. The Festivus Pole is standing proud in the middle of my apartment and I've been ribbon dancing around it to the sounds of Color Me Badd all day; Festivus is in full swing.

For those who are with for their celebration of Festivus, here's a little history lesson.

Who's excited for the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength? Well, all one of you, you won't have to wait anymore...

I got a lot of problems with you people! And today, you're gonna hear about 'em!

This year, I can't really say there's one overt grievance I have with the organization as a whole. Since the season hasn't started, there's not something I see on the court that I can complain about ad nauseum. Instead, I'll bring it back to the NBA draft in which the Sixers selected the unathletic, low upside center out of USC, Nikola Vucevic. It's not merely for the fact that they thought he could help or grow into something, but because they were sold on drafting a big man and, to me, were content with the sole fact that he was 7 feet tall. The impression I got was that they ignored his subpar combine numbers because he was the tallest player in the draft, and therefore, the guy they wanted to have and they guy were going to get. Who knows what kind of player Nikola will turn out to be, but it seemed liked a lazy pick and is definitely one that won't help on the road to eventually winning a championship.

Last year, by an overwhelming margin, Jordan was tasked with pinning Dongaila in the Feats of Strength. Like the loser of the FoS the first go-round (Jaime Maggio), Dongaila is no longer a member of the Sixer family, although he'll always be a member of the LB love-circle. So folks, it's up to you; who will Jordan have to pin in the Feats of Strength thereby ending Festivus?

I'll be eating an H&H bagel waiting for your answer in the meantime.

Happy Festivus!

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