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The 2011-2012 Liberty Ballers Official Prediction Contest: PRIZE!

Seeing as last year's inaugural prediction contest set the Twitter record for most tweeted about subject per second, narrowly edging out Beyonce's pregnancy, we've decided to bring it back like we just hit two cups in a row (watch your elbows Joe D!).

Last season saw everybody's favorite Hart (other than Bret) Ford come away with the Nastradamus prediction title. Like last year's contest, the winner this year will be rewarded with either official Liberty Ballers swag or a personalized poem from the writers focusing on either your rugged looks or your ability to blindly predict things. If you get a perfect score, you'll get both of those prizes along with a picture of a Liberty Ballers writer of your choice performing his favorite yoga pose (I call reverse warrior!).

You'll have until the minute before the first game starts to get your predictions in. I'll post a reminder the day of just in case you forgot in all the hoopla that is the Holidays and Tim Legler's birthday.

The 10 categories along with the 5 tie-breakers are after the jump. Have at it boyz!

Make your predictions for 2011-2012 Philadelphia 76ers on these exciting and borderline sweaty categories:

1. How many wins will the 76ers end the season with?

2. How many times will the 76ers cover the spread during the regular season?

3. Who will lead the 76ers in points per game (must play 33 games to qualify)?

4. Who will lead the 76ers in rebounds per game (must play 33 games to qualify)?

5. How many assists will Jrue Holiday average per game?

6. Who will be the first 76ers player to be traded during the season? Note: You can answer "nobody".

7. Which 76ers player will be the next to record a Liberty Ballers video? We already have Jrue and Evan Turner giving us shout outs.

8. What position in the Eastern Conference will the 76ers finish?

9. Of the three "sixth men" the Sixers have to start the season (Thaddeus Young, Louis Williams, and Turner), who will play the most minutes?

10. Other than Jodie Meeks, who will lead the 76ers in three-pointers made?

Just like last year, we've come up with a fool-proof tie-breaker involving your predictions on 5 general NBA questions. Here they are...

1. Who will win NBA MVP?

2. Which Los Angeles team will end with the better record?

3. Will either of last year's finals participants (Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks) head back to the finals this year?

4. Who will win NBA Rookie of the Year?

5. Which team will Dwight Howard finish the season with?

If for some strange reason there is still a tie after factoring in the 5 NBA questions, the participant who was first to comment will walk away with the victory and a couple dime-pieces on his side.


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