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Sixers Release Xavier Silas and More, Roster Stands at 14

In a move that seemed uncomfortably inevitable from the start, the Sixers have parted ways with training camp invite and undrafted Northern Illinois free agent Xavier Silas. Aside from his intriguing skill set, it's especially disappointing that they let him go considering Xavier is a friend to Liberty Ballers and a top notch human being.

Along with Silas, Dwayne Jones, Antonio Anderson and Mike Tisdale were also released. It's been commonplace for the Sixers for the past few years to sign none of the warm bodies off their training camp invites (Dionte Christmas comes to mind). This is partly why, save for Silas, we never gave much thought to the camp hands actually retaining a spot on the team.

The Sixers have liked the flexibility of having 14 guys on the roster (rather than the maximum of 15) in case somebody jumps out at them but usually it's when someone gets injured for a time and needs a temporary replacement. Like last year when they pulled the archaic Antonio Daniels out of the D-League when Louis Williams went down. Not stashing Silas in the D-League seems to me, as most of the lesser-discussed Sixers moves are, like a lack of interest in using the NBA's minor league for raw talent. Like I said when Tony Battie was signed, this isn't going to set the franchise back at all, it's just a corner-cutting move that seems as a result of laziness rather than with an eye on the best interests of the organization. Though again, I can't stress enough things like these aren't the worst thing in the world - just a bit vexing in the big picture. They'll almost definitely stay at 14 going into the season.

Our best wishes go out to Xavier. My hope is that he goes to the D-League, plays his ass off, and gets a contract midseason from a team who values cheap, young talent. Good luck, X.

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