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Louis Williams Making Kissy Faces Means the End of Winter

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Though actual winter may be here for those of you still in the Northeast (HA) and though the Stark's and Lannister's don't reconvene on HBO until April, the winter of the NBA's discontent has come and gone after 149 days of cold, wet negotiations. Reporters are being let back into facilities, players are trying their old jerseys on again - this is the great exhale after the scrotum-clenching months of angst and ignorance.

How do we know basketball is officially here? Louis Williams, the only Sixer who is currently at PCOM, is speaking to reporters! Picture from Kate Fagan...


That is quite the face from tha BOSS. What do you think he's saying? Seems like he's in the middle of a W-- or a "oo", something to make his lips pucker. Possibly even Sideways Blue Steel? Let's take a few guesses.

  1. Well...I've been really working on my one-on-one game this winter and I'm prepared to take more shots.
  2. If you liked my first few singles, get ready for my album: Boss, Thugs, and Speezy.
  3. What do you mean, high usage rate?

Also, Spencer Hawes playing a little ball with his U-Dub Huskies brethren.

Headed back to the gym for the 2nd workout with and .

Season starts in almost three weeks! Kissy faces!