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Potential Sixers Free Agents: Part Two

Yesterday we kicked off the free agency period with 70 names of potential free agents the Sixers could target or, more likely, not target. We learned that there aren't a ton of free agents to be had and that most free agents have first names early on in the alphabet.

As usual, I opted for going after cheaper, low-risk high-reward options like Brandan Wright, Earl Clark, and Alexis Ajinca. Let's delve into the back end of the free agent alphabet train starting with the K's!

Same deal as yesterday, the asterisk indicates a contract overseas. Those impatient ninnies.

Kenyon Martin*, DEN - I'm still smarting over his injury back when he was a Bearcat. He's never been quite as good either. For now, too expensive and overseas.

Kris Humphries, NJ - Must. Resist. Kardashian. Joke. Booty.

Kurt Thomas, CHI - He could be the next Tony Battie but just imagine how many times Zumoff and INSERT COLOR COMMENTATOR HERE would call him Kenny? Ah the possibilities.

Kwame Brown, CHA - Olowokandi Jr. will probably get the mid-level somewhere and that's a shame. Sometimes I wish money was worth more money.

Kyrylo Fesenko, UTA - I AM STILL OWED MY FUTURE COMPENSATIONS. Despite this, I'd be happy bringing him in as a backup 5.

Larry Owens, WAS - Earns the distinction of being the NBA player I know the least about. Sign him up!

Leon Powe, MEM - While he and Thad don't have the same functions on the court, they do play similar positions, so Leon is a guy I'd definitely look into if Thad dipped out. If not, he'd be a waste of a spot.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, MIL -The All-Name Team Championship Trophy awaits us. Scooping up LRMAM could pacify the scored Chris Singleton fans.

Malik Allen, ORL - He went to Nova, and since we handed Lavoy Allen a 2nd round pick, why don't we sign Malik, trade for Jameer and bring Aaron McKie out of retirement!?

Marc Gasol, MEM - Despite playing on a team that drastically underuses him, Gasol looks like he'll be staying in Memphis for the time being. He'd get fat money if he comes out though.

Marco Belinelli, NO - Better than Jodie Meeks but not by as much as he would be if he spelled his name Belly-Nelly.

Marcus Banks, NO - The opposite of "yes, please".

Marcus Thornton, SAC - One of those guys who seems either severely overrated or crushingly underrated at all times. It varies by moon mehinks.

Mario Chalmers, MIA - There was no real reason for me to be a KU fan back in the 2008 National Championship game, but I was, and for that leaning jumper alone, I'd love Mario to get a backup point guard contract here. With a better outside shot, high-end defense, and a decent eye for his teammates, he's exactly what the doctor ordered for those in the Louis Williams Support Group.

Mario West, NJ - Still kind of amazed he's getting paid to play basketball. Sounds like a Sixer to me!

Marquis Daniels, SAC - As much as I'd like a Marquis on the Sixers (it's been far too long), his value is extremely minimal. The kind of talent you could and should get from the D-League for cheaper and younger.

Maurice Evans, WAS - See above, minus the name - we have enough variations of Maurice.

Melvin Ely, DEN - His name unscrambled comes out to Mely Levin, and that may be reason enough to lock him up long term. According to Jordan, he's quite the talker on the court.

Michael Redd, MIL - If some overeager GM gives him anything than a one-year deal, everything about the lockout and new CBA would have been for naught. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, he'll get a year to prove he's still capable of walking without crutches and he can think of a safer long-term deal for him next offseason. I truly would not mind taking a flyer on him for 5-6 million but I doubt the market will be that low.

Mike Bibby, MIA - Liability everywhere save from just around the three-point line. Pass.

Mike Dunleavy, IND - He'll get another big contract based on lineage alone but his career has been so disappointing. For a guy his size with what he can do on the court, he really should be a much better player.

Mustafa Shakur, WAS - I really would, but I doubt Thorn would go for it. Imagine the Lion King references!

Nene, DEN - We've been over this.

Nick Young, WAS - Could we just sign him so he doesn't have to play us anymore? He's got impressive one-on-one skills but he's mediocre everywhere else on the court. If Andre Iguodala disapparated, he'd be a nice compliment to Evan Turner with refined his shot selection.

Othyus Jeffers, WAS - Worth it, again, because of the name. Typical D-Leaguer in that he has all the skills but he's undersized to play the four, which is really where he should be. Hope he sticks somewhere but I doubt it'll be here.

Patrick Mills*, POR - Had much higher hopes for him coming out of St. Mary's, but injuries and depth chart issues have knocked those down. He's stuck in China though, so it looks like he won't be signable for a while. I'd love to take a shot on him sometime in the future though.

Peja Stojakovic, DAL - Peja Heads!


Pooh Jeter*, SAC - With a sick name and a killer Twitter account, he may be the ultimate double threat. Unfortunately his game lags behind.

Rasual Butler, CHI - Philly kid that I honestly though was out of the league by now. Can't see much value there at this point.

Reggie Evans, TOR - I guarantee if there are any reports that the Sixers and the Ball Grabber are talking, the casual fans will go NUTS (see what I did there) for bringing him back. Everybody loves the blue collar athlete! He's just bringing his pail and his hard hat to work! He's just banging around in there! Reggie's good at one thing in the whole world. And that's valuable in doses but God knows he'd somehow Reggie his way into the starting lineup and I'd have to throw my laptop into the fiery embers of Mount Doom.

Reggie Williams, GS - I want him. I want him so bad it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad. Beatles aside, he's everything I love about basketball personified. And left-handed to boot. Not sure what the market will be like for him but he is restricted so Golden State would be able to match whatever he's offered. Anybody have a guess how much it would take?

Rodney Stuckey, DET - Once gift-wrapped a starting job with the Pistons, Stuckey is lost in the wilderness with no position and no part of the game in which he truly excels. He'll probably end up with the Knicks.

Roger Mason, NY - Speak of the devil! The "how u" master has endeared himself to Twitter but never to a team longer than a year and a half. Someone will sign him to a low deal but it won't be us.

Ronnie Price, UT - The best thing to come out of Utah Valley University not named Ryan Toolson, Price has lingered on the Jazz because he can play good defense in specialized situations. He's never averaged more than 4 points per game in 6 seasons, so it's pretty amazing that he's stayed in the league this long.

Samuel Dalembert, SAC - Our old friend Sam has been talking to/about the Heat as a possible landing spot for him. I would absolutely love that just to see what kind of antics he'd get up to with the Big Three around. He'd probably complain about not getting any touches then try to wish Hip-Hop happy birthday again. HE'S DEAD, SAM. HE'S DEAD.

Sasha Pavlovic, BOS - Nuh-uh.

Sebastian Telfair, MIN - Five years ago yes, now no.

Shane Battier, MEM - No real spot for him though he's another guy who jumps from overrated to underrated and back with lightning speed.

Shannon Brown, LAL - Only if we can sign Maurice Ager with him. MSU Class of 2005!

Shawne Williams, NY - I'd love Extra E, but it would actually kill Seth Rosenthal and I couldn't do that to the guy.

Shelden Williams, NY - Nothing doing.

Solomon Jones, IND - Second to Larry Owens in players I know little about. From the little I've seen, he's stiffish. All Solomon's are.

Sonny Weems*, TOR - Another guy overseas that's unclear when he'll be back. I never really bought him as a pro.

Spencer Hawes, PHI - Luggage!

Steve Novak, SA - Such a Spur.

T.J. Ford, IND - Interested to see how much he'll get on the market but praying that it's not here.

Tayshaun Prince, DET - Remember when he was the talk around the deadline last year? He'd be an atrocious sign.

Thaddeus Young, PHI - All around me are familiar faces...

Theo Ratliff, LAL - ....worn out places, worn out faces....

Tony Battie, PHI - Remember this? Then he was called our Closer. Make way Jonathan Papelbon! Someone make him retire already.

Tracy McGrady, DET - I actually like him on a few other teams but lordy lordy not here.

Troy Murphy, BOS - Hey look! It's White Speezy!

Tyson Chandler, DAL -Too rich for our blood. Thinking Nets or Celtics.

Vladimir Radmanovic, GS - HOW IS HE STILL IN THE NBA

Von Wafer, BOS - For the minimum? Sure, bring him over but he's contractually obligated to grow himself a flat top.


Wilson Chandler*, DEN - Doesn't seem like he'll be allowed back in the States right away. Not a great fit.

Yi Jianlian*, WAS - It really depends on when he can come back, if he wants to come back, and how much it would be for. I'd really love to give him a shot for something short-term (2 yrs, 7 mil?) and give him 20 minutes a night to do his thing. Any more would be too much.

That's 129 free agents! Anybody jump out at you? Who would make the biggest splash? Out of this list, I'm liking Reggie Williams a whole lot and, to a lesser, riskier extent, Michael Redd (one year!). Who are the guys the Sixers should look at targeting? If you made it through all 129 of these, you are my favorite person.

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