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Sixers Predictably Not Involved in Nene Hustle

For those of you hoping the Sixers would get all up in Nene's business in the abbreviated free agency period, you'll be disappointed. According to Ken Berger via Tom Ziller, there are six teams batting the yarn on The Artist Formerly Known As Hilario and none of which are the Sixers (or the Nuggets).

Those six teams -- the Golden State Warriors, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat -- are at varying levels of ability to actually sign him outright, however, which may require the Nuggets to be involved.

It never seemed likely that the Sixers would get involved with him as he's a bit too high profile and expensive for their tastes and wallets, though there was the off chance that the new ownership would want to make a juicy splash in the big kid pool. Of those six teams, I'd guess the Nets get him. Seems like a Prokhorov move to me.

Who's next on your post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas wish list?

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