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NBA Lockout 2011: Lockout Over, Sixers Back!

After a depressing five-month lockout the NBA is back, along with a laundry list of items that we've all been desperately missing from our lives.

  • Most importantly, Liberty Ballers is back.
  • The Sixers are back.
  • Andre Iguodala trade rumors are back.
  • Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner are back.
  • Ed Stefanski and Ed Snider are NOT back! (Nor is Hip-Hop)
  • Potential is back.
  • NBA Draft talk is back.
  • LeQuan Glover is back.
  • Dong shots are back.
  • Game threads are back.
  • Marc Zumoff is back.
  • Discussing "the future" is back.
  • THE BOSS is back.
  • Speezy Sez is back.
I don't even know where to begin folks. The season starts in a month and we still need to discuss training camp, the off-season, the new owners, potential roster moves, season previews, the new mascot, if the Fresh Prince of the Wachovia Center will sit court-side every home game, and our top 10 naps of all-time. It's going be a hectic couple weeks, but we're back baby! Check back for more Sixers coverage in the coming days (and hours) from the (admittedly rusty) handsome Liberty Ballers crew, and Tanner.


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