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Hip-Hop's Swan Song: Sixers' Mascot is No More

While Billy Joel and Eminem are busy saying goodbye to Hollywood, Sixer fans around the globe are mourning (or celebrating) the loss of their beloved (or not) mascot Hip-Hop.

Apparently new ownership surveyed season ticket holders (can any that read this site confirm this? If so, what did you vote?) asking what could be done to improve the fan experience of catching a live game. I guess the majority of folks were adamant about getting rid of our furry, urban, sunglasses and sort of do-rag wearing friend.

Personally, I was never a big fan of him in the first place. They brought him on during the Iverson era to add a little flashiness and hipness that Iverson brought with his style of play. I could never really grasp what a bunny had to do with anything remotely related to the franchise, but that's just me. The charade was definitely running its course, and the new ownership made the right call in euthanizing (or something like that) the rabbit (I wonder how PETA feels about this?).

If for some reason you have a fond memory of Hip-Hop, throw it in the comments. Also, if you'd like to scribe a eulogy (or eugoogley), I'd encourage it wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, Kurt Helin at Pro Basketball Talk used my headline (Hip-Hop is Dead) before I could get to it. Any time you can throw a Nas reference into a headline, I'm all for it 110%. Well done Kurt. However, it won't stop me from posting the song.

Hit the jump to check out everybody's favorite Samuel Dalembert singing happy birthday to Hip-Hop one last time.

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