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Apocalypse Week

Screw the Mayans. By all accounts it seems like this week is the last week that could possibly salvage the season and, for all intents and purposes, the world. My gut tells me that nothing will happen we'll go a full year without basketball but at this point it really is anybody's guess. The exodus of players to Europe and elsewhere is barely even noteworthy at this point. Everybody's leaving us with all of these eyes and no basketball on which to use them.

Say there isn't a season. What happens then? Do you guys come back for the time the league does eventually agree on something? There's a little man in the back of my mind wondering what happens if one side continues to refuse compromise. It's hard to think of a world with no NBA though a quick consult to Wikipedia tells me there were a few NBA-less years in this universe. Will another league spring up in its absence? I doubt it. But the little man has been stomping around in my brain saying things like "Marc Cuban Basketball League" and "Eurobasket!" He always seems to yell that last one.

I feel bad for the rookies and international players who just got drafted and have to wait around. It seems that either decision they make (stay or go) is the wrong one and that's pretty unfair for them. All those players we shook our fists at last year for not declaring for the draft seem to be that much smarter now. Already a couple weeks into the college basketball season and the basketball world's attention is fully on them. I see you Harrison Barnes.

Use the comments to discuss the lockout, philosophical differences between boxers and briefs or, as always, what you had for dinner. Go Eagles or something. Let Magic Johnson fill your basketball hunger momentarily.

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