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Win FREE Villanova Basketball Tickets - Contest! Giveaway!

Tell 'em, Jay.
Tell 'em, Jay.

Starved for basketball? Ready to settle for college basketball? Well do we have a treat for you.

Thanks to the friendly people at Comcast-Spectacor and the Wells Fargo Center, Liberty Ballers has scored two pairs of tickets to the Villanova Wildcats basketball game on December 13th against the Terriers of Boston University. And we're giving them away to YOU, loyal Liberty Ballers reader and site-clicker, fo' free.

The rivalry between the Wildcats and Terriers runs...well...thin. But it's basketball, it doesn't cost you any money (save for parking/concessions/post-game stripclubbing/what have you) and you get to watch Maalik Wayns, Mouphtaou Yarou, and shiny new non-suspended freshman JayVaughn Pinkston (unrelated to Todd, I've discovered) run circles around the yapping Terriers for an evening in South Philly. The game gets sandwiched in between two Big Five matchups against Temple and St. Joe's, so it could be something of a trap game for Nova but oh man am I coming up with narratives before the season even starts? God this lockout needs to end.

Anyway! One pair of tickets will be given away via contest and the other can be won by following the link after the jump. Come with me for some basketball!

If you live in the area and would like a chance at two free tickets to the Nova/BU game at 7:00 on 12/13/11, click HERE. It will take you to a website where you will not have to make any red pill/blue pill choices, only enter your email address and wait until November 18th until the Super Computer from Willy Wonka generates a winner. It's pretty straightforward raffle style giveaway, but if you'd like to read the rules of the contest, they're right there for your viewing pleasure as well.

Where do the other two tickets go? They will be awarded to the winner of a CONTEST right here in the comments for the person that offers the best 10-word description of the NBA Lockout. We will be judging on originality, humor, whether your submission is actually ten words, and whatever else we feel like. You can submit as many entries as you'd like to this contest - we're excited to see what you creative hodgepodge of people can come up with when the stakes are high.


Click HERE for the Sweepstakes where you can enter your email address and receive free tickets (estimated $50 value) to the Villanova/Boston game on December 13th at the Wells Fargo Center.

Enter your most clever description of the NBA Lockout in exactly ten words in the comments below. We will pick a winner and arrange for you to get the tickets.

The person who wins the Sweepstakes tickets (probably LeQuan) will not have to carpool with the one who wins the 10-word Contest (Ricko, of course). Though it is highly encouraged solely for my entertainment. The concrete details of this contest are still yet to be determined as the crack SB Nation legal team is on the case to come up with the rules and regulations that'll make it officially official. So before you call Jackie Chiles, remember that all of this is tentative. Full rules available here:  Contest Rules.

PLEASE pass this link along to friends, relatives, and pets because if we generate a lot of interest here, there's a good chance we could get more opportunities like this to give you free things down the road. Head on over to the Wells Fargo Center website for additional ticketing information. Duke vs. Temple went on sale this morning as well as Disney on Ice! I'd rather see Temple vs. Disney or Duke on Ice but that may just be my dyslexia acting up. Either way, check out some great deals at the South Philly venue.

May the best ten words of succinct and hilarious brevity win!

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