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SB Nation and Liberty Ballers Blackout for Lockout

Clear to all of you who are not colorblind, the site looks a bit different today. And if you traverse the murky internet synapses of the other SBNBA blogs, you'll find that either we have been taken over by the original NWO (not the Wolfpack, although that'd be pretty sweet too) or we've decided to Occupy Something and stand united against the Lockout.

Today should be the start of the NBA season. We should be watching basketball in the corner of our screens at work, ignoring our families during dinnertime at home, and sacrificing sleep and any remote chance at sex we have (we are bloggers after all. Mom's basement and all that) in the name of watching highlights of the Golden State-Sacramento game. But we're not. Because sometimes, one percentage point means hundreds of millions of dollars. And neither the players nor the owners learned how to round to the tenth, only to the whole number, so somebody's getting boned in a bad way for one little economic debt reducing percentage point.

Stand united with us in black and white over the next two days. If we get a few Oakland Raiders fans or Philo Farnsworth cronies stopping by, so be it.

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