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Because Who Doesn't Love Surveys!

This fat dude is SURVEYing the field!
This fat dude is SURVEYing the field!

Think of this as a late night infomercial for cool things. Read on.

If you haven't noticed, SB Nation is getting bigger. Not fat and obese, a healthy bigger with increased muscle mass and maybe the slightest penchant for too much frozen yogurt. Anyway, the company likes to hear from users like YOU about your experience on the SBN sites -- what you like, what you don't, and what you're generally ambivalent about.  Your feedback is important to helping the network grow, and to helping sites like Liberty Ballers.

LB and SBN are asking you to fill out this survey regarding your experiences on our sites.  All your responses are obviously  confidential (Except that yosoysean looks at the little-known SB Nation porn sites), and the survey should take only a couple minutes.

Incentive? For the three sites on the network that get the highest rate of participation, SB Nation will make a $500.00 donation to the charity of those sites' choosing. And that charity will most likely be People for Helping People Pay Rent, Namely Me (PFHPPRNM). So please, help the poor bloggers of PFHPPRNM and fill out the survey.

And just for old times sake, what did you eat for dinner tonight?!

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