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The Fresh Prince of Philadelphia: Will Smith Invests in the Sixers

"And we gonna party like it's 19 - hold up, it is!"
"And we gonna party like it's 19 - hold up, it is!"

heese steaks, Bill Cosby, soft pretzels, Billy Penn, Liberty Bell, snowballs at Santa, Will Smith.

A quick poll of all things Philly will give you some combination of the above list. Now, one of those things is giving back to the city with which it is so frequently identified............ Cheese steaks! Will Smith!

The actor/rapper/director/producer/prince/robot/superhero/agent/detective/gunslinger/fish was approached by shiny new 76ers owner Joshua Harris about investing after hearing that Will2K was interested. While Harris doesn't anticipate Will will (Double Will unintentional) have much hands-on involvement with the team, he's excited about the possibility of having him on board.

Also involved is Will's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who reportedly will not force the entire team to watch HawthoRNe: The Collector's Edition until they're more talented at basketball and nursing. Not involved, I've heard, is Carlton nor Uncle Phil. They don't believe this is a smart investment.

Though the optimist in me wishes for Will to go all hands on deck and end up unseating Jay-Z as most influential basketball owner/rapper, the likelihood is that Will won't (Again!) do much but attend a few games and get Jiggy on the Bongo Cam when he's on hiatus from his films. What this does do is increase the chances of Liberty Ballers creating a Sixers-themed Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song by 500%. So there's that.

I've posted the topic to Twitter and Facebook already, but I'm looking for the best Will Smith-themed team name. Whichever suggestion gets the most Recs will get something special that has yet to be determined. So make your suggestions and remember to Rec the ones you like.

I will fill the rest of this post with Will Smith videos. Proceed.

Welcome to the family, Will!

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