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FISHER: Mavs Having Internal Discussions About Iguodala ...

The Mavs have engaged in-house discussions regarding Andre Iguodala as a replacement for the injured Caron Butler, sources tell, but are grappling with the Usual Suspects of obstacles and two more wildcards: Caron's value halved, and the coming labor dispute.

Mike jumped on this idea a few days ago, proposing this trade:

Philadelphia receives:

Caron Butler - 1 year, 10.6 million

Ian Mahinmi - 2 years, 1.7 million

Dominique Jones - 2 years, 2.2 million

Draft pick(s)

Dallas receives:

Andre Iguodala - 4 years, 54.6 million

Tony Battie - 1 year, 854 thousand

While I like Dom Jones and have a man-crush on Mahinmi this package is not enough for Iguodala. Mahinmi has put up excellent numbers in limited time throughout his three-tear career, but both him and Jones have limited – if any – potential to become anything more than a bench player on a championship team.

The Mavs marque trade chip is Rodrigue Beaubois, but he's too much like Lou Williams – a score-first combo-guard – to be the centerpiece of any Iguodala trade, unless there's a third team involved.

Iguodala's nagging Achilles injury doesn't help any potential trade.

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