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Ramifications of Andre Iguodala as Point Forward

With Tom Moore reporting Doug Collins will try to use Andre Iguodala at the point forward position, we're left to determine what this means for the two players we care about most on the roster: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.

The two players are going opposite directions as of this writing - Jrue is coming off his most recent game where he got torched by Chauncey Billups and the previous one where he made too many mental mistakes that resulted in turnovers and ultimately one of the most embarrassing collapses in recent memory. Evan, on the other hand, has been more assertive while displaying the playmaking ability he was known for at Ohio State. While it's still yet to catch up statistically speaking, he is averaging his most points per game this month and his assist numbers have been rising as well.

The logic for the move in terms of success for the rest of the season, is easy to see. Andre has his highest career assist to turnover ratio at 3.19 though he hasn't been getting to the foul line as much as he should. Putting the ball in his hands more should make him more of a penetrator and be able to find guys like Jodie Meeks and Elton Brand off the dribble while getting him to the free throw line like he should be. Although he is markedly better at catch-and-shoot situations than off the dribble, I'd sacrifice the difference for a penetrating Andre.

But in terms of the future, which is what we're most concerned with here at LB, this move can't mean anything good. It's similar to the rumor that Iguodala and Brand were off the market. This is putting the team in the hands of a guy that we hope to see traded. It's another indication that he won't be. Jrue Holiday should be running the team for 36 minutes a night. They still don't have a backup point guard, so for the other 12 minutes, it should be a mix of Turner and Iguodala (and sadly Louis Williams) -- not anybody but Jrue for the majority.

Hopefully the need for a backup point will be addressed in the second round of the draft or even in the undrafted pool, because Lou should never be in charge of running an offense. There's no question this move has it's advantages in the short-term, but I can't see anything other than a push at the 7th seed that's worth taking the ball out of Jrue's hands. Certainly not "sky is falling" but everything ain't coming up roses either.

If Ed Stefanski's reign was/is marked with basketball sense, the Doug Collins and Rod Thorn era seems to be themed by shortsightedness.

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