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RUMOR: Iguodala and Brand Off the Market

The playoff push has clearly lifted the Sixers’ outlook. According sources around the league, Philadelphia is not eager to make major roster changes now, and both Iguodala and Brand are all but certain to be with the team throughout this season.

For those who have seen the movie Groundhog's Day (who hasn't?), this is life as a 76ers fan, with the exception of last year where the recovery never happened.  Start the season slow, dig a big hole, play average ball the rest of the season to sneak into the playoffs (or close to it) and provide a false sense of inevitable improvement, leading decision makers to believe the Sixers are closer to basketball relevance than they actually are.

What are your thoughts?  With the maturation of Jrue Holiday and with Evan Turner showing life, is there any more credence to this line of thinking, or are we once again buying into fools gold?

Source: (Sean Deveney)

From Jordan: This is a mistake, in my opinion. I hate to reference the extremely over-used quote but, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." 

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