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Pick Your Sixers Playoff Opponent

Wanna face these guys?
Wanna face these guys?

This question has popped up here and there recently so here's your poll/thread to discuss it. As of today, the Sixers are slotted at the 7-spot in the East. They're tied with Indiana but are up one in the win column so that's why they're behind Philly at 8. If the playoffs started today (they don't!), the Sixers would be taking on the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.

With half a season left, plenty of maneuvering can be made. Personally, I don't think there's a chance the Sixers (6 games under .500) are good enough to overtake the Knicks for the 6th seed and certainly not leapfrog them to the coveted 4-5 matchup for mediocre teams all over. But some people do, so I'll include that in the poll.

Chicago leads a weak Central Division and will almost certainly make the playoffs as the 3-seed. Boston is a lock for one of the top 2 spots from the Atlantic and I'm going to posit that the Heat are too good for either the Hawks or Magic to dethrone, so they'll be up there with Boston ready to host two best-of-7 series at home.

This is who you want to face in the playoffs. Whether your reasoning is "we can actually win!" or "it'd be fun to play against LeBron or the Celtics for 7 4 games" or "playing the Heat or Celtics would mean a ton of site traffic!" it doesn't matter -- this is WHO YOU WANT to face. This Sixers team isn't good enough to really do anything in the playoffs except maybe steal a win at home, so I'll take the Heat and enjoy watching Andre Iguodala (if he's still here) D up LeBron James for four of five games. I'm hereby banning the phrase "it's the playoffs and anything can happen once you get there" or "you never know what can happen in the playoffs" or anything similar -- in football this is true because it's one game. The Sixers won't be beating anyone over the course of a 7-game series. By law, you can have your own opinions but, well, they'd be wrong.

I'm still not as convinced as most here that the Sixers will actually make the playoffs, but if you are, and even if you're not, have your say here. MLK would want you to exercise your right to vote for one of these teams. Blogger rights!

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