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Craig Brackins Scores 31 in D-League

Two days ago it was reported that Sixers rookie Craig Brackins had been sent to the D-League for the second time this season. During his first stint he played 5 games, averaged 17 points and 9 rebounds.

In Brackins' first game back with the Springfield Armor he led the team in scoring with 31 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, and hit 4-7 threes from beyond the arch, in 30 minutes off the bench.

Ideally Brackins would improve his rebounding, defense, post game during this – his second stint – with the Armor. Unfortunately, the five defensive rebounds he pulled down on Saturday make for an abysmal DREB% (15.85), and the one offensive rebound he recorded make for an equally abysmal OREB% of 4.80. Considering the Armor's opponent has only one player over 6'8", the 6'10" Brackins should've, at the very least, rebounded averagely.

It's impossible to judge Brackins defense and post game without watching the actual game, but we can determine Brackins shot selection. According to the play-by-play 15 of 18 of Brackins attempts were classified as a "jump shot", one was an alley-oop, and the remaining two were of the "Turnaround Fade Away shot" variety (presumably on the block).

Poor rebounding and poor shot selection are discouraging signs for Brackins. Look no further than Marresse Speights as an example. No matter how silky a big man's J is, if he can't rebound, defend, or develop a respectable post game minutes can be hard to come by.

Although 31 points on 67% shooting and four threes makes for an impressive stat-line, it appears that Brackins failed to improve his weaknesses during his first game back with the Armor.

The Armor, and Brackins next game is scheduled for tomorrow against the Erie Bayhawks. No word yet on how long the Sixers plan on keeping Brackins in Springfield. 

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