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Lou Williams: First a Scorer, Now a Rapper

Louis Williams came into all our lives at the ripe age of 18 when he became the Sixers' second round selection in the 2005 NBA Draft. Since that time we've seen him play a couple early games in the D-League, back up Andre Miller, put together his best season on a bad team under Eddie Jordan, and now be the most heavily involved player (usage rate wise) while coming off the bench. What could possibly be next for Mike's favorite sixth-man in the league? Rapping, of course!

Anyone who follows Lou on Twitter should know he's close with Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill and also a long time comrade of Atlanta's own (Lil) Bow Wow. Succumbing to the constant forces of peer pressure, it looks like Lou has taken up the art of spitting rhymes as his 2011 New Year's Resolution (he definitely started this before 2011 but I put that in there for dramatic effect).

The Sixers have previously had roster members take up music careers in the past. Allen Iverson had an extremely short and controversial stint as Jewelz while former bench warmer/quilt maker Kareem Rush is still singing to his heart's content.

If you haven't heard Lou before, here's a link to his Twitter music page. Just a warning, the language is not exactly suitable for the young ones. That includes you Nick Smith.

Earlier today, Lou posted a music video of his freestyle entitled "Imma Boss" on his YouTube channel. Take a look! Don't worry, it's an edited version.

So what do you guys think? Is he the next 50 Cent? The next Lupe Fiasco? The next Kid (from Kid N' Play of course)?

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