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Speezy Says 5: Marreese Speights Entertaining Again

Getting Speezy with it
Getting Speezy with it

"YES! OHHHHHHHHHH YES!"  -- Marc Zumoff, probably upon learning that Marreese Speights has gotten back on Twitter.

There's been a void in our lives since the last segment of Speezy Sez back in November.  We tried to fill it with imaginary interviews with the head coach, but it didn't feel the same. Spencer Hawes new haircut held us over for a bit, but that couldn't plug the hole. Even drinking games and Festivus were not able to measure up to the unbridled joy we all got from a MoSpeezy tweet.  

Those cloudy days have passed my friends and the sun in shining once again, for the third-year player out of Florida is tweeting once more. I know all of us were up in arms when his Twitter mysteriously disappeared in the first place, so I took it upon myself to ask the question of the people to Speights himself online.


To which he responded:

@Michael_Levin long story.

If you don't remember how this thing goes, I post the actual words Mo writes on his twitter, then I translate them so the less hip-wit-it of you (Dweebowitz, Dr. TK, etc) know what he means. Without further ado, here is the translation for this tweet.

Alright Mike, here's the deal. Can I call you Mike? Great. It all started when I retweeted the wrong girl. My girl started asking questions, then before I knew it, she went to Mike Preston with some less than complimentary words about me and he took the elevator to the big boys at Comcast. Anyway they put the Kabosh on my insightful tweets for a few weeks but once the New Year rolled around they kind of forgot about me on the bench so I signed up for a different account without them noticing. Oh and that girl and I aren't together anymore. Single ladies?

More hard-nosed journalism after the jump.

@SpikeRocks u don't no what defense is so stop talking

(ed. note: This is directed at Howard Eskin's son Spike, which is a name more suited for a puppy or a character in Little Giants, so any sort of insult to him or the Eskin name in general is thumbs upped by me) I take charges!

Why do girls who no they don't no how to walk in heels always trying to have them on.

Ladies, us fellas don't care how tall you are. Be comfortable. Be Speezy.

Just seen this fine girl at mcds working the drive threw dang kid y u got to work at mcds

You'd be more comfortable at Burger King.

Ready to clown people

Is Insane Clown Posse still making music?

Please tell me why this fat bad body females have on small cloths at this party they look so bad

I think I'm mistaking Louis Williams' baby shower for a party. Although the maternity clothing for these pregnant women could be a size or two bigger.

@chocolatelegz1 so u not my sister in law

I don't want to pry, but did you wed my brother?

I'm just glad the Speez is back in my life. And he's just getting warmed up. More Speeziness to come as Mo outplays and out-twitters Spencer Hawes.

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