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Not a Podcast #1: Washington Wizards Preview

Hullo, hobgoblins. This is something I've been trying to get together for about a year now and it's finally sort of coming to fruition. Since I nor any of my cohorts have access to podcasting equipment, I've come across this little thang where we can type messages to each other in a sort of live blog format and I'm pretty sure you guys can contribute also. We're gonna do this in half hour live blog formats, and in this instance, it's open from 12:30 to 1 Pacific time (figure it out yourself if you're not on the West Coast)!

We'll start the previews in reverse order because we're ironic and go with the Washington Wizards so tune in for that. Here's the roster of dudes that will be participating at some point or other in this whirlwind adventure of half-ass blogging, which is almost as good as half-blog assing.

Jordan Sams (UNLV) - Big Poppa Pump.

Tanner Steidel (Maryland) - Grandmaster Sexay

Scott Schroeder (Minnesota/Bemidji State) - Scotty Too Hottie at Ridiculous Upside

Jon Lewallen (Somewhere in Texas) - Don't Be a Brick, also at Ridiculous Upside

Steve Fetch (Kansas) - Hockey/Olympics/Dating Enthusiast, illegal alien at Ridiculous Upside

Seth Rosenthal (Jail) - Covering the Knicks in medieval fashion at Posting & Toasting

Rohan At The Hive (USC) - Three-point specialist with a penchant for Hornets writing. I do not know his last name, our relationship is strictly sexual.

And me.

The reason Derek isn't on the panel is because 1, he's already got his own podcast with Brian Ward, and 2, he'd show us all up with his real world intelligence. Sorry, D -- overqualified.

So if you're at all interested in what any of us have to say, tune in, comment some, and enjoy our general lack of knowledge over the course of however long we decide to do this. Hands up in the air!

This episode of Not a Podcast is sponsored by caterpillars.

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