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Player Preview: Andre Iguodala

The player preview series came to a screeching halt when Carmelo rumors began swirling and Willie Green was shockingly shipped to New Orleans. Ironically, Green was the next scheduled preview. Now that he's been traded, I won't have to write it, and you won't have to read it – everyone's a winner. That brings us to Andre Iguodala.

If you've read this blog or my Twitter you already know how I feel about Andre Iguodala. Over the past two years my fan-player relationship with Andre has had its ups and downs. Although my opinion has previously been swayed by the slew of emotions that come with being a fan, I believe I've minimized my bias when it comes to evaluating players on the Sixers roster.

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Current (Grade:8)

On my grading scale an eight is considered 'All-Star Caliber' – one notch below full-blown superstar, between the top 25-30 players in the league. That's where I have Iguodala. As many witnessed during the FIBA World Championships, Andre can do some fantastic things when he isn't required to be the team's go-to scorer. His rebounding and transition game are great. His court-vision and passing ability are above average. And his perimeter defense is borderline-elite. He's just not a go-to scorer.

Potential (Grade:8.5)

At 26, improvement is still in play for Iguodala. Doug Collins will probably be the best coach he'll ever play for and he should see slight improvements on both offense and defense throughout the remainder of his prime. A simple reduction in threes and increased basket-attacking will improve his offensive efficiency, and a team commitment to defense will allow Iguodala to return to his 07-09 form. Both adjustments are already being implemented by Coach Collins.

One Stat You Should Know

Since Iguodala's rookie season only 18 players have more combined Defensive Win Shares.


I expect Iguodala – like many Sixers – to have a career-year. If the Sixers have a respectable record he'll receive a few votes for an All-Defensive team and garner All-Star consideration. The addition of Turner, growth of Holiday, and improved floor spacing should take some of the offensive burden off Iguodala's shoulders, allowing him to thrive in a similar role that he played on Team USA. 

Up next: Thaddeus Young

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