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RUMOR: Woj Reports Extension A Necessity For Melo Deal

This just in from one of my favorites, Adrian Wojnarowski:

To clarify overnight Y! story, league source says Philly wouldn't make deal for Carmelo Anthony unless he's willing to sign an extension.

Obviously this is terrific news. Regardless of your stance towards Carmelo (I'm not as vehemently against him as my cohorts appear to be), that we would be extending him no matter what makes things easier to take if Andre Iguodala is involved in the trade. I'm still hoping to be that elusive third team, but if an Andre-for-Melo swap to the Nuggets is what we're getting with at least three-four years of Anthony afterward, I could be down.

This has passed mild rumor and officially become something to keep both eyes on, or more if you have them.

Other news: According to Thaddeus Young's twitter, he, Evan Turner, Louis Williams, and Marreese Speights "killed the mile" this morning. Hopefully reports of Speezy's new, in-shape bod are true. Carry on.

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