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Smith: Carmelo Anthony Doesn't Want to Play for the Sixers

Via Philadelphia Sports Daily:

A report that the 76ers are working to acquire disgruntled Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony is accurate, but a deal remains very unlikely because Anthony does not want to come to the Sixers. His unwillingness to play in Philadelphia long-term would prevent any trade from happening.

I'd give this deal approximately zero percent chance of happening, but we'll see. The Sixers have been very active since Rod Thorn was named President.

Levin Update: For people saying we should trade Iguodala for cap relief, stop. Ignorance in two ways: One, Andre Iguodala is a terrific basketball player earning every penny of his contract. Two, it doesn't make sense to get rid of him for cap relief now because with Elton Brand saddling us until 2013, we won't be able to contend before then anyway. Makes more sense to ride it out with Jrue, Turner, and Andre as the core then deal Brand as an expiring in '12 and have two years with Andre to seriously compete. Hopefully by then there's a capable big man in town.

That may have been off-topic.

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