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Craig Brackins and Darius Songaila Trade: Q&A With Hornets Blog At The Hive

You already know our reactions to the Willie Green trade, but how are the Hornets people feeling about it? Thanks to the beautiful networking of SB Nation, we have our friend Rohan from At The Hive (and frequent NaP contributor) at our disposal. Check out my responses to his questions on the Hornets site if you're feeling ambitious.

1. Does Darius Songaila have any game left?

Game you'd expect from a power forward? No. General basketball ability? Somewhat. The first thing you might notice in perusing his b-r page (you nerd!) is the ORtg drop from 111 (2009) to 99 (2010). As we in the mountain climbing industry would call it, that's precipitous. But it's also based on the outlandish roles New Orleans played him in last year - stretches at center and stretches with him as the tallest guy on the floor. Put him back into a more traditional PF role, and he's still right around an average backup. (That can't rebound). (Or play defense).

More questions and less answers after the hippity.

2. What was the impression you got from Brackins during Summer League and the offseason?

He was almost cartoonishly averse to the paint. That was true on both offense and defense. He struggled for post position defensively and was frequently boxed out by the smaller, less physical players of summer league. Offensively, he routinely hung out behind the three point line. He had this tendency to stand around 20 feet from the hoop, with his hands extended in front of him, just waiting for a pass. The lack of physicality he showed was kind of depressing. All that said though, he can flat out shoot the ball. He's got consistent form, excellent range, and gets it over defenders easily. For now, he's more a standstill shooter than anything, but his jump/release/follow through is certainly conducive to shooting off the dribble.

3. Were the Hornets planning on sending him to the D-League or was he going to be on the roster?

New Orleans signed Joe Alexander to a nonguaranteed deal last week. So, probably good odds Brackins was going to make the roster.

4. How do you feel this trade benefits the Hornets?

It doesn't. The Hornets gave up two vague trade chips - a first rounder and a $5 mil. expiring deal - for two, um.... bad players.

I can't help but love how unhappy the Hornets guys are with this trade. We've been on that end so many times recently that to be the sandbaggers rather than the sandbaggees is a refreshing change.

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