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Player Preview: Jodie Meeks

The man of many nicknames is somewhat of a mystery going into the season. Having played only 19 games with the Sixers, it's hard to decipher whether Meeks offensive outbursts toward the end of the season were a glimpse into his true potential or a mediocre, high usage guy "getting his" on a terrible team. Like the majority of you, I was in full ping pong mode for most of -- if not all -- of Jodie's 19 games. And as a fan rooting all-out against the Sixers for the final 19 games, Jodie was the guy who frightened me the most. It felt like I was rooting against Ray Allen most nights. That has to mean something, right? 

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Current (Grade:3)

Meeks was very impressive in his short stint with the Sixers, and followed up his end-of-the-season performance with a solid Summer League. He consistently lit it up from downtown, and did so efficiently. I wouldn't describe his defense as 'good', but he was definitely feisty. And his passing and rebounding were decent for an undersized guard. Unfortunately, I don't think he can play at that level for a full season. I see him as a one-dimensional bench player, who isn't a complete liability on defense -- a small step up from Jason Kapono

Potential (Grade:4)

Meeks potential is basically his 19-game stretch with the Sixers strung out for a full season. During that stretch he had a PER (player efficiency rating) of 15.8 (league average is considered 15), he hit 2.9 threes per 36 minutes at 38%, and turned it over at a miniscule rate (4.8 TO per 100 plays). Although he'd still be one-dimensional, his one dimension (spot up shooting) would be fantastic. I'd much rather have a player who's really good at one thing, than average-to-below average at everything, and NBA teams feel the same. It's why Eddie House continues to get work -- who by the way, is desirable ceiling for Meeks.

Check out this comparison of Jodie Meeks stint with the Sixers and Eddie House's best season (08-09):


Meeks 15.8 .566 .544 11.8 12.0 20.3 4.8 0.124 2.9  38%
House 15.4 .592 .579 11.5 10.3 20.1 8.6 0.158 3.7 44%


* per 36 minutes

One Stat You Should Know

For as solid as Meeks was with the Sixers (small sample size) he was just as below average with the Bucks (also small sample size). Check out the comp:

Bucks 8.3 .454 .427 16.4 7.2 19.2 9.7 0.029 1.7  28%
Sixers 15.8 .566 .544 11.8 12.0 20.3 4.8 0.124 2.9 38%



It's going to be difficult for the Jodiac Killer to see the floor because of the Sixers plethora of fringe talent. As it stands, Turner, Lou, Iguodala and (unfortunately) Willie Green are standing between Meeks and significant minutes. Check out the post I wrote a couple months ago on how I thought the minutes would be divvied up. Jodie is nowhere to be found.

Nothing would make me happier than seeing Meeks take each and every minute Eddie Jordan would've awarded Willie Green. Well, maybe not each and every, cause EJ probably would've played Willie 20+ again, but you get the point. Every time Doug Collins thinks about subbing Willie Green, Quinn Synder should stun-gun him and sub Jodie instead.

When Meeks does see the floor I predict he'll be a pleasant surprise, spreading the floor and benefiting with from the three capable playmakers on the roster. As much as I like Lou-Will and what he brings on offense, Meeks' skill-set compliments the personnel better. If he can play (shoot) at the level he did toward the end of last year I wouldn't be surprised if Collins found a way to get Meeks on the floor more often, probably at the expense of Lou Williams.

Up next: Willie Green

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