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Fagan: Sixers will contact Nuggets about Carmelo Anthony

Via Deep Sixer:

The Sixers will be contacting Denver. By the time you're reading this, the Sixers might have already contacted Denver about what it would take to land Anthony.

She still claims the Sixers believe they only have a "shot in the dark" at acquiring Melo, but there's also this:

According to the same Sixers' source, the team would listen to all possibilities surrounding this trade, including being a conduit (a third team in a three-team trade) that doesn't land Anthony, but lands a different player in exchange.

Fagan is of course referring to the three-team deal that Ken Berger mentioned last week, which would essentially be a Derrick Favors for Andre Iguodala swap, along with other moving pieces to make the salaries match.

I'm still all for the Derrick Favors trade, and completely against the Carmelo trade.

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