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The Super-Official Liberty Ballers Rap

Something that's long overdue. This must be chanted every time you enter the site. Due to our super-secret audio and rap detectors, we'll know if you don't. Learn them and love them.

Written by Mike Levin and Tanner Steidel

Produced by Jordan Sams

Remixed by T-Pain, Timbaland, DJ Khaled, Hova and Tupac Shakur

(muffled grunts and squeaks)

What. What. Yeah....Uh. Uh.

Yo, where do you go,

For all your Sixers news, links, and truth

You know it's Liberty Ballers dot com,

Where ya'll can't even handle the Jruth.

Jordan rhymin on the throne,
Mikey spittin' in the ring,
Derek droppin' dope beats
And Tanner stuntin' wit his bling

We helped the Sixers at the lotto,

Even dominated at the draft,

Reigned supreme at the combine,

But still stay hella daft.


We run this joint nationwide
Vegas, A-town, LA, Philly
Mike high-steps around the globe
Mackin the hunnies most scrilly


We supply the flyest links, previews, and 'caps
Though not always by the book
M & T might draft you to death
Ay yo Jrue, sing that hook!

(Jrue Holiday singing in the T-Pain/Kanye West voice)
The LB boys be the only illest crew
Slammin hard like they named Iguodala
When they catch you at the club
Fresh to def like a Liberty Balla

(Liberty Ballers dot com...)
Home of Eddie Jordan's killer instinct
(Liberty Ballers dot com...)
Making the playoffs is unacceptable

(Liberty Ballers dot com...)

Filling your Primoz Brezec fixin's

(Liberty Ballers dot com...)

Five years til we're respectable

If the Sixers beat the Heat in the opener, Jordan promises to film himself singing and dancing to this.


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