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Will the Sixers have an All-Star in 2010-2011?

The Sixers haven't had an All-Star since Allen Iverson in 2006. The only other franchises who haven't had an All-Star since then are the Bucks, Warriors and Kings. Will a current player end the drought this February? Let's take a look at the reserves for last year's Eastern Conference All-Stars. 

  • Derrick Rose
  • Rajon Rondo
  • Paul Pierce
  • Chris Bosh
  • Gerald Wallace
  • Joe Johnson
  • Al Horford 
  • David Lee
I think Rose, Rondo, Pierce and Bosh are all locks to make it again, barring injury. I also think two spots will be occupied by Carlos Boozer and Amare Stoudemire, who moved to the Eastern Conference this summer. And David Lee is out since he's no longer in the East.

As far as the starters 'Bron, Wade and Dwight are locks. Joe Johnson and KG probably won't start again, but I'd bet on Johnson still making the team. KG is a question mark, so it's hard to assume he'll be an All-Star again.

So we got Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Dwight, Joe Johnson, Rose, Rondo, Pierce, Boozer and Amare as my near-locks. That leaves two spots open for Sixers. Here are my two candidates, and the odds I've given them to make the team.

Andre Iguodala (35 to 1)

Three things need to happen for Iguodala to have a chance. Most importantly, the Sixers record has to be over .500. The odds of that happening in itself aren't promising. Secondly, Iguodala has to be putting up great numbers. Either he has to hit the 20-points per game plateau, or something like 18-6-6. Lastly, he needs to be locking down his opponent night-after-night. Even if all three are accomplished, he'll still have a ton of competition from Horford, KG, Josh Smith, Gerald Wallace, Danny Granger, etc.


Evan Turner (60 to 1)

I can almost guarantee that Evan Turner won't be as good Andre Iguodala his rookie season. However; he has a good chance to become more popular and the named "face of the franchise". Turner already comes into his rookie season with hype from his college career and the luster with being the number two overall pick. Turner also has a chance to put up "sexy" numbers in Doug Collins offensive system. Pair the hype with the numbers and if the Sixers are a surprisingly good team come mid-season, the Turner for All-Star campaign might gain some steam. But keep in mind, rookies rarely make All-Star teams. LeBron, Carmelo, Durant, Evans -- the stud rookies over the past decade -- haven't cracked the All-Star team. 

So, in case you haven't noticed, the answer to the question Will the Sixers have an All-Star in 2010-2011 is "probably not". That doesn't necessarily mean they won't have All-Star caliber players though. I'd argue they've had one in Iguodala for a few years. Being an All-Star is a cool achievement for players, fans, and franchises, but it's more a popularity contest and team achievement award than an acknowledgement of the 12 best players in each conference. 

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