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Sixers Links on a Sunny Friday, Starring Carmelo Anthony and Don Draper

Happy Friday Rubeus Hagrids!  It's the end of the working week and full weekend of large men in tight pants hitting each other senseless is upon us.  Now before you get too excited with that arousing image lodged in your brain, let's talk a little Philadelphia 76ers.  Join me as I feed you some links that will go down just as smoothly as a fresh mug of Butterbeer. 

Today's links have to do with the recent speculation that a deal may be in the works involving Carmelo Anthony taking his talents to our fair city (the links suggest otherwise my friends), a change in how Andre Iguodala goes about his business, previewing the 2010-2011 squad, Art Vandelay, and maybe some other surprises (Rita Morgan was invited but she fell asleep in the bathtub.  O silly Rita). 


Hit the links after the jumprope. 

Sixers Deny 'Melo Talks

According to one Sixers front-office source, the team is "not in any discussions at all" regarding a potential three-way trade involving the Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets.

The same source said that while the trade has been discussed internally "a little," the franchise believes it has no real shot at Anthony, who has said he would agree to be traded to the Nets, Knicks, Magic, or Bulls.

Pro Basketball Talk Previews the 76ers

Remember to read Jordan's preview as well patrons (the plural of the popular tequila brand).  It's an excellent read.

Key Departures: ...more of Elton Brand's dignity.

Let's take Jrue Holiday's improvement as a given, considering the way he ended his rookie campaign. Andre Iguodala might be slightly better than he was last season, and utilized in a more effective manner.

Yet beyond those two, so many things have to go right for the Sixers to make strides in '10-'11. Turner needs to launch, Hawes needs to board, Brand needs to show up, Speights needs to share the ball, Nocioni needs to do enough without trying to do too much, and Louis Williams needs to produce without as many opportunities.

Prediction: 28 wins. Philly has an interesting young core, and if all of the pieces can grow and bend in just the right places, this roster could be a hell of a thing in a few years.

Dougie C Shows Some Love for Andre

Collins told Iguodala: "You're a guy who wants to play every minute, every play. You're a competitor, you love the game. But I'd like you to take a little break right now, get away, try and recharge your batteries, emotionally as much as anything. That way, as we get into the meat of our schedule, you'll be fresh."

Collins said that Iguodala will have input in how the training plan for him is implemented, but that the seventh-year forward/guard "has nothing to prove."

"I want him to do his scoring by slashing, cutting, using an open-court game. I don't want him to live and die with jump shots; I don't think that plays to his strength. I don't want him to shoot a lot of threes."

"I want the game to be easier for him. I want him to get to the foul line, to manufacture points. At the same time, he can be one of the best - if not the best - defensive player at his position; I think we saw that this summer."

Andre Will Try to Build on USA Success, Will Accept "Go-To" Role

It also led pundits to suggest this type of secondary role is the one for which he's best suited. Does Iguodala agree? "Not really," Iguodala said. "If you play well in one setting, people think you need to do the exact same things in the next setting in order to succeed. But here, everyone had a role to fill."

...he's still ready to show up on Sept. 28, the team's first day of training camp at St. Joseph's, to accept the role of go-to scorer.

"That's something I can do," Iguodala said. "I never shy away from a role. I talked to teammates throughout the summer and said, like, 'You have to help me lead the team, get the ball in the open court.' And vice versa. I have to help Jrue [Holiday] be a better point guard. I have to help Evan Turner be the best rookie in the league. We have to pick each other up. I learned a lot of that with Team USA this summer."

Iguodala Wants to Attack the Rim More This Season, Numbers Agree

I saved you all the trouble from having to read the name "Iggy" in these.  You can thank me by sending fruit baskets and decorative soaps (maybe glitter if you're feeling up to it) to my house.

Anyone who watched Team USA this summer knows that when he attacks the rim, [Andre] is a beast. Frankly, anybody that has watched him play ever knows that. But just for some further evidence, last season Iguodala shot 30.9 percent from three and 68.5 percent at the rim.

"I think Coach [Collins] is going to be able to do the job of putting me in a position to attack more, where I won't have to exert energy on the perimeter," Iguodala said. "Last year our offense had me outside the perimeter. I shot a lot of threes, but it wasn't my intention to do that. I'm going to attack the rim more this season."

Last season on isolation plays [Andre] shot 35 percent and created 0.78 points per possession. But when he was cutting to the rim it was 83 percent and 1.41 per possession. In transition it was 69 percent, off offensive rebounds it was 63 percent.

In Case You Were Wondering, the Top 5 Sixers Scorers of All-Time (Hint: Jumaine Jones is not one of them)

Honestly, the only reason I included this is because the name the author goes by made me chuckle (although I was always under the impression that he was an architect).

Hal Greer: 21,586 points

Allen Iverson: 19,931 points

Dolph Schayes: 18,438 points

Julius Erving: 18,364 points

Charles Barkley: 14,184 points

Completely Un-Sixer-Related News of the Day: The Town Opens in Theaters Everywhere Today

This film looks pretty BA if I do say so myself.  While it might not be the best piece of cinema out there, I would bet a large amount on it being a lot of fun.  With stars such as Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper aka Dick Whitman), Jeremy Renner, and Ben Affleck blowing stuff up and robbing banks in Boston, it has to be entertaining.  Plus there are guys dressed up as nuns with creepy masks!  If that doesn't make a good movie, then folks, I certainly don't know what does.


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