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Sixers 'NBA JAM' Rosters Released

This is a few days old but still news-worthy. Here are the Sixers official roster for the new NBA JAM coming out next month:

Players: Andre Iguodala, Elton Brand and Evan Turner

Legends: Julius Erving and Allen Iverson

Iguodala, Turner, Erving and A.I will be great to play with, but seriously, who here wants to play with Elton Brand? I hope nobody. In case you are unaware, in NBA JAM gamers choose two of the five players to play with at any given time. The two I'll roll with most often are the two A.I.s with a little Turner/Dr. J mixed in.

Follow the jump to see a full-quarter of gameplay courtesy of EA Sports. Looks exactly like the original, with better graphics.

Link to full EAST Rosters

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