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76ers Nickname Extravaganza

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You know we're in the dog days of summer when ... we dedicate entire posts to players' nicknames

Not every Sixer has a nickname (yet), but the ones who do send mixed signals. Some tweet angry tweets, others embrace the love, and one has his own line of clothing

My feeling on nicknames is this: Anytime you discuss a person or group of persons 365 days a year -- like we do here at Liberty Ballers -- it's borderline disgusting to refer to said person(s) by the same name(s) each time. Romantic relationships are a perfect demonstration of this logic. Can you imagine if you were forced to call your girlfriend/boyfriend by their name, and name only? Me neither. That's why I invented (prove I didn't) nicknames like babe, baby, honey, boo, babygirl, mama and love-nugget. Nicknames are an essential part of relationships, even the one-sided, year-round relationships we're in with the Sixers players.

With that said, here's the list of nicknames I call the Sixers' players lucky enough to have them:

Jrue Holiday - The Jruth

Lou Williams - Sweet Lou, Lou-Will

Willie Green - Bill, Billy

Jodie Meeks - Jodiac Killer, Meekster

Evan Turner - The Villain, ET

Andre Iguodala - Iggy, Dre, I tried Exhibit A but it never caught on.

Thaddeus Young - Thad, TY

Andres Nocioni - Noce

Marreese Speights - Mo, Mo Speezy, M16


Now, your job: post any nicknames I missed, nicknames you have for players, or nicknames you made up strictly for this post. If anyone posts a nickname as good as Magic Johnson, Dr. J, The Big O, etc. and/or one of the LB writers uses your nickname throughout the season you win a free Liberty Ballers t-shirt

All great nicknames start somewhere, folks. Be creative.