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POLL: Who is Your Least Favorite Sixer?

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Morning, colonels. Short on time today as it's my last day in the Big Ol' Apple and there's packing to do.

The question is, for those with poor title comprehension: Who is your least favorite guy on the team? Not in terms of his contract or how he fits in with the rest of the guys; I'm talking whose game do you least enjoy. It's one of those situations where it is hard to root for the guy because you dislike him so much. I know most of us tend to forget our grievances with other players when they come here through trades and whatnot, but there's some guys (Glenn Robinson for me) you just don't like. Without Sam Dalembert in town anymore, I have a hunch the votes will sway towards a certain Billiam Green, but we'll see.

I'm leaving Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday off, obviously. And I'm also not putting Tony Battie on the list because hustle/toughness/veteran leadership/defensive-minded/quality player/winner/killer instinct/basketball sense. That's why.