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Anticipating the 2010-11 Schedule

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Happy Tuesday, malcontents. With some of the more important games on the docket to be announced shortly in what ESPN has been shaft-strokingly calling their own "Selection Show" (Greg Gumbel should sue), I figured it's worth wasting a day's post on what to expect or a prediction, if you will.

Last season, the Sixers weren't exactly thrust onto the national stage a ton of times save for a last-minute Grateful Dead Allen Iverson reunion tour. Now with the number two pick, an exciting young point guard, Doug Collins on the sideline, and an Olympic Team contributor, they stand to gain probably nothing at all. But what is this blog if not a reflection of the self-aggrandizing nature of this team? (Answer: idk?)

I'm gonna go ahead and take a stab at which games will be televised. Keep in mind that no dates/times/opponents have been announced yet.

Nationally Televised Games

Wednesday, December 8th, 7:00 PM: Sixers @ Wizards - Evan Turner vs. John Wall. If this was wrestling, Stern Cold would make this a triple threat match with Derrick Favors. But it's not, so a top 2 pick showdown will have to suffice. Depending on matchups, there's a good chance ET could cover Wall on defense a few minutes when Jrue Holiday needs a rest or if Gilbert Arenas commands a switch. We'll see how that works, but mark this game down on your figurative schedule. There's only a few things the schedule-makers love more than a top pick gunfight. One of them is ice cream.

Sunday, February 6th, 3:00 PM: Heat @ Sixers - Philadelphia is still a big enough market that fans would flock to the recently-anointed Wells Friggin' Center to see WaBrosh behead the soon-to-be-flailing Sixers. And since approximately 85 of Miami's games will be televised, I see no reason for a Sunday game in snowy February to be kept off the schedule. Plus, who won't want to see Mike Miller and Jason Kapono play 48 minutes of hellish defense against each other?

Friday, March 18th, 8:00 PM: Whichever Team Iverson Signs With @ Sixers - Let's be real for a second. AI is hardly the basketball player he once was, but he can still draw a crowd. While the 14 years of red flags may prevent clubs from signing him now, once the season starts and ticket sales are down, the Iverson Residence will be fielding more than a few calls from restless, empty-pocketed GM's. He'll get his one-year contract on team X, play Eddie House basketball for three months, and call it a day. Before that, however, the schedule bros will find a place to fit this game in against his old boys twice removed in Philadelphia. Bonus ESPN2 Simulcast if he signs with Larry Brown and the Bobcats.

Prediction: Andre Iguodala will do his co-trademarked with Major League "Marbles Dance" at least twice this year after nailing game-winning shots.

I'll be checking in after the August 10th unveiling with a more fact-based analysis of the schedule. If any of these are right, Jordan promises to do a naked lap around the internet. The whole internet.