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Into the Future: Sixers or Blazers

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We continue out Into the Future series by comparing the Blazers future to the Sixers. The last installment of the ItF series saw a desperate blogger (me) and Sixers fans alike choose the Sixers future over the Oklahoma City Thunder's, with a twist. The hypothetical twist was: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are no longer on the Thunder roster, and Elton Brand is taken off the Sixers roster and placed on the Thunder. My reason for concocting this hypothetical twist was to even out the presumably massive voting discrepancy, and apparently I leveled the playing field too much. Even without KD and Westbrook the Thunder should still hold an advantage over the Sixers in terms of brighter futures simply because of their top-notch front office compared to the Sixers incompetent regime.

So I've learned from my mistake, and today when we compare the Sixers and Blazers' futures no magical, mystical, hypothetical twists will be in play. Straight up, who has the brighter future? This should be an easy one. Breif breakdown after the jump.

(Based on the extremely biased votes of Sixers fans)

Better future than Sixers


Worse future than Sixers

Nuggets (36%)

T'Wolves (39%)

Thunder* (47%)

Front Office

Like most front office comparisons the Blazers hold the advantage as long as Stefanski is employed by the Sixers. The hiring of Rod Thorn as president throws a wrench into Sixers front office discussions, but until further notice I'm still chalking them up as plan-less and incompetent.

The Blazers front office looks a little less bullet-proof after the weird events surrounding Kevin Pritchard's draft-night departure, but they replaced him with well-respected Rich Cho, formerly employed by arguably the best front office in basketball, the OKC Thunder.

Blazers Roster

Blazers Salary

Valuable Assets

Brandon Roy - Flat-out stud and franchise player.

LaMarcus Aldridge - Decent second/third banana, but probably slightly overpaid.

Joel Pryzbilla expiring contract - Decent trade chip at the deadline assuming Oden and Camby stay healthy.

Greg Oden - If -- and it's a massive 'if' -- if Greg Oden can stay healthy he'd be a huge asset for the Blazers. Paint protector, stud rebounder, great compliment to Aldridge and Roy, and he's still only 22.

Rudy Fernandez - Decent trade chip and/or solid role player.

Nic Batum - Very solid role player. Defends, rebounds, scores efficiently, knows his role, only 22.

Luke Babbitt and Elliot Williams - Rookies on cheap contracts with role player potential.

My take:

This isn't even close. They Blazers have more talent and a much better front office, and everyone in their organization -- from their GM to their roster -- is fairly young and has potential to grow and develop. Color me jealous.