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Sunday Poll: Playoffs, Development or Lottery Balls

The Sixers will not be contending for a championship in 2010-2011. I'm confident in saying there's zero percent chance of them hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy come June. With the ultimate goal in every sport -- winning the championship -- out of reach, what's the next best thing?

There are three options:

  1. Make the playoffs
  2. Play hard and develop young players
  3. Another top 5 pick
These options aren't mutually exclusive. One could happen as a product of two, or three could happen because of two. My question to you is, which option do you want to happen the most during the upcoming season?

I want player development. I want veterans like EB, Nocioni, Kapono and Green's minutes limited as much as humanly possible to make room for Meeks, Hawes, Speights, Thad, and Lou -- who will all play less than they should Collins and the Sixers employ the let's pull out all the stops to win 40 games by playing grizzled veterans like Willie Green instead of giving Jodie Meeks a shot strategy.

If the Sixers sole focus this season was developing players I'd be thrilled whether they won 40 games, snuck into the playoffs and got swept by the Heat, or had another 27-win season and landed the fifth pick.

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