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It's Official, the 76ers Have a 2010-2011 Schedule: Early Reactions

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Yesterday I was promised that the schedules for all 30 NBA franchises would be appear on the interwebs at 2:00 PM EST (the same day Madden is released?  It's like Christmas!).  While waiting all day on the edge of my seat (my seat is small so there was no other choice), I could only hope for a schedule unlike any other ever seen before!  Okay, sorry for trying to make this really dramatic.  I mean, come on, NBA schedules are pretty much all the same unless you're the Lakers and get 80% home games for the first 3 months of the season.  Unlike the NFL and college sports, every team plays every team so there isn't anything to be left in suspense about.  However, there are a couple things that stand out to me about a new fixture (it's soccer jargon).

The things I look for when first viewing an NBA schedule concern the longest team roadtrip (caused by Disney on Ice for the Sixers, the rodeo for the Spurs), the longest team homestand, the most challenging month for teams, and the easiest month.  Is there anything else you guys/ladies look for?  I'd love to hear/read about your thoughts on that one.

Unfortunately for Mikey, none of his earlier predictions came true unless, of course, Allen Iverson signs with the Sacramento Kings

Check out the full schedule and some thoughts on it after the jump.

As we earlier reported via Kate Fagan last Wednesday, the Sixers will open at home against everybody's most loved team, the Miami Heat.  Who's going to that one?  I sure am!  Well, when I can get a ticket that is.  Even with opening against the Heat, the Sixers have an opportunity to have a pretty darn good start as they follow up with the Hawks, Pacers twice, Wizards, Cavs, and Knicks.  There's a realistic shot to go 5-2 right out of the gates there folks.

If you're concerned with Lottery Watch, the end of the season will not excite you one bit.  Four of the last seven games are at home against the Nets, Knicks, Raptors, and Pistons.  If the Sixer's are in the same position they were last season, #mission(three letters of prospects) should be a nail-biter (maybe Jim Gray will ask us if we still bite our nails?). 

Longest Road Trip:  The "Disney on Ice" spectacular event will send our boys on the road for an 8-game roadie starting Dec 18 and coming to end Jan 3.  This road trip will not be fun if you want the Sixers to win games.  With a round-up of the Magic, Bulls, Celtics, Nuggets, Warriors, Suns, Lakers, and Hornets, there is a very realistic possibility it could be an 0-fer the trip.  Did I mention that the day before the trip starts the Sixers are at home against the Lakers?

Longest Home Stand:  Compared to the 8-game long road trip, the 2 4-game home stands don't really add up.  Neither are particularly easy and neither are extremely difficult.  The first one in early December has the Bobcats, Cavs, Celtics, and Hornets coming to town.  The second one is to end the season against the Knicks, Raptors, Magic, and Pistons.  Nothing too exciting going on with those.

Easiest Month:  This one was a toss-up between November and February.  I ultimately decided on February because the Sixers play 3 less games than in November.  What makes this the easiest month you ask?  Match-ups with the Nets, Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Wizards, Pistons, Cavs, and a home/home with the Knicks.  Also the longest road-trip this month is 3 games with a good chance of going 2-1 on it.

Most Challenging Month:  This easily has to be December.  The tough 8 game road trip along with separate match-ups with the Hawks, Bobcats, Celtics, Hornets, and Lakers make this without a doubt the biggest challenge the Sixers will face this upcoming season.  At least we have November to possibly enjoy some Sixers basketball because this month could be agonizing to watch, unless you like seeing other teams beat up on the Sixers consecutively.

And now, why you really clicked on this article (unless you were searching something obscure and came upon this - to increase those chances, I'll mention Brad Pitt, Jennifer Love-Hewit, Taylor Kitsch, Matthew Fox, Michael C. Hall, and Idris Elba).  Ladies and gentlmen, the schedule for your 2010-2011 Philadelphia 76ers!


Wed 27 vs Miami 7:00pm
Fri 29 vs Atlanta 7:00pm
Sat 30 @ Indiana 8:00pm


Tue 02 @ Washington 7:00pm
Wed 03 vs Indiana 7:00pm
Fri 05 vs Cleveland 7:00pm
Sun 07 @ New York 12:00pm
Wed 10 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm
Fri 12 @ Dallas 8:30pm
Sat 13 @ San Antonio 8:30pm
Tue 16 @ Cleveland 7:00pm
Wed 17 vs Toronto 7:00pm
Fri 19 vs Milwaukee 7:00pm
Tue 23 @ Washington 7:00pm
Wed 24 @ Toronto 7:00pm
Fri 26 @ Miami 7:30pm
Sat 27 vs New Jersey 7:30pm
Tue 30 vs Portland 7:00pm


Fri 03 @ Atlanta 7:30pm
Sat 04 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Tue 07 vs Cleveland 7:00pm
Thu 09 vs Boston 8:00pm (TNT)
Sun 12 vs New Orleans 12:00pm
Tue 14 @ New Jersey 7:00pm
Wed 15 vs LA Clippers 7:00pm
Fri 17 vs LA Lakers 7:00pm
Sat 18 @ Orlando 7:00pm
Tue 21 @ Chicago 8:00pm
Wed 22 @ Boston 7:30pm
Sun 26 @ Denver 8:00pm
Mon 27 @ Golden State 10:30pm
Wed 29 @ Phoenix 9:00pm
Fri 31 @ LA Lakers 10:30pm


Mon 03 @ New Orleans 8:00pm
Wed 05 vs Washington 7:00pm
Fri 07 vs Chicago 7:00pm
Sat 08 @ Detroit 7:30pm
Tue 11 vs Indiana 7:00pm
Fri 14 vs Milwaukee 7:00pm
Mon 17 vs Charlotte 2:00pm
Wed 19 @ Orlando 7:00pm
Thu 20 @ Charlotte 7:00pm
Sat 22 vs Utah 7:30pm (NBA TV)
Mon 24 vs Phoenix 7:00pm
Wed 26 @ Toronto 7:00pm
Fri 28 vs Memphis 7:00pm
Sun 30 vs Denver 6:00pm


Wed 02 @ New Jersey 7:00pm
Fri 04 vs New York 7:00pm
Sun 06 @ New York 12:00pm
Tue 08 @ Atlanta 7:00pm
Wed 09 vs Orlando 7:00pm
Fri 11 vs San Antonio 7:00pm
Sat 12 @ Minnesota 8:00pm
Tue 15 @ Memphis 8:00pm
Wed 16 @ Houston 8:30pm
Wed 23 vs Washington 7:00pm
Fri 25 vs Detroit 7:00pm
Sun 27 @ Cleveland 5:00pm


Tue 01 vs Dallas 7:00pm
Fri 04 vs Minnesota 7:00pm
Sun 06 vs Golden State 6:00pm
Tue 08 @ Indiana 7:00pm
Wed 09 vs Oklahoma City 7:00pm
Fri 11 vs Boston 7:00pm
Sat 12 @ Milwaukee 8:00pm
Mon 14 @ Utah 9:00pm
Wed 16 @ LA Clippers 10:30pm
Fri 18 @ Sacramento 10:00pm
Sat 19 @ Portland 10:00pm
Wed 23 vs Atlanta 7:00pm
Fri 25 @ Miami 7:30pm
Sun 27 vs Sacramento 12:00pm
Mon 28 @ Chicago 8:00pm (NBA TV)
Wed 30 vs Houston 7:00pm


Fri 01 vs New Jersey 7:00pm
Sat 02 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm
Tue 05 @ Boston 7:30pm
Wed 06 vs New York 7:00pm
Fri 08 vs Toronto 7:00pm
Mon 11 vs Orlando 7:00pm (NBA TV)
Wed 13 vs Detroit 8:00pm