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Summer League Game 5: Sixers lose to Jazz; Turner continues to struggle

Box Score

SLC Dunk

The Sixers were blown away by the Jazz in their final game of the Orlando Summer League. After starting 2-0 the Sixers finish the SL with a 2-3 record. More disappointing than their weak finish has been the play of second overall pick Evan Turner. His final line for the 5-game exhibition is as follows: 9.4 points, 5.6 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 33% field goal percentage. If nothing else, hopefully Turner is humbled by this experience and approaches the rest of the off-season and rookie season accordingly. He has a lot to work on. A few game notes after the jump ...

  • The Sixers looked absolutely gassed. This is their fifth game in five days (like every other team), but it was also their second game in 12 hours.
  • This game was plain painful to watch. It made it difficult to make any assessments.
  • In the past I've voiced my displeasure about Andre Iguodala's poor body language. Well, Evan Turner's was significantly worse this week. Very annoying.
  • Both Ebi and Simmons bring something different to the table, and they both have something you can't teach: size. I wouldn't mind seeing either or both get a training camp invite from the Sixers. Both are average-to-below average defenders. Simmons brings athleticism and some shot-blocking. Ebi brings surprising three-point range and speed. Yes, speed!
  • Evan Turner was terrible once again today. He turned the ball over in a variety of ways, getting pick-pocketed (cookies!), throwing terrible passes, committing offensive fouls, traveling, etc. He played very mediocre defense - and that's generous. He missed jumpers and ran the offense poorly as the primary ball-handler.
  • Among the many struggles Turner has had this week a few stand out: he's shown bad anticipation on passes - getting a lot deflected. He over-dribbles, and rarely settles for open jumpers. Taking the ball to the hoop every time in college might have worked, but it won't in the NBA - not without keeping the D honest with a jumper or two.
  • I'm sure Turner is thrilled this nightmare week is over, as am I. The games without Jrue and Mo were difficult to sit through.
  • Jodie Meeks had his worst game of the summer. His jumper was simply off today. He still impressed me with his ability to take the ball to the hoop hard and willingness to play defense.
  • Evan Turner led the Sixers in air balls this week.
  • Evan Turner hits a three with 5 seconds left, as I'm writing this!
  • Michael plans on doing a Summer League recap this weekend, so I won't step on his toes too much.

Next up: Free agency, trades?, training camp

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