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Bosh Leaves Toronto for Beachier Pastures

While it's not Orlando Summer League action, it does have some effect on our 76ers so it's worth taking a quick look. As reported by ESPN's Chris Broussard, Chris Bosh plans on joining Dwyane Wade in South Beach this coming season. I don't blame Bosh going from Toronto to Miami -- I just hope he brought plenty of speedos and sunscreen. Although it's not set in stone how he's going to get there:

It was not immediately clear whether Bosh will sign with Miami outright or join the Heat through a sign-and-trade deal. Bosh could earn $125 million over six years via sign-and-trade, but only $96 million over five without it.

"Either way, he's definitely going to Miami," the source said.

This seemed to be Bosh's plan from the beginning. I didn't buy into going to Chicago and taking away Derrick Rose's "the man-ness" so it only made sense for Wade to stay in Miami and bring in a big man to play alongside. The problem with this is, the Heat have cleared so much cap space to sign both players to max deals, they only have Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers under contract for next season. Think about that for a second.

Done? Good. They'll basically have room to sign someone to the MLE, then a bunch of veteran's deals and minimums for D-Leaguers and UFA's. It's a less extreme but at the same time more extreme version of what the Celtics did a few years ago. Only they had Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins in their back pocket instead of Kevin Ollie and Adonal Foyle playing extended minutes, just as an example. How will this affect the Sixers? Only a little. Toronto is going to be worse than us which is a bummer, but all we should be concentrating on is getting our young guys developed and waiting on that Elton Brand deal to expire. We should be a racing horse with its blinders on, only the finish line is three years away. While other horses are stopping to sign Darko Milicic and Drew Gooden to obscene deals, we should be pressing on towards that distant finish line.

It'll be interesting to see what corresponding moves they make to actually build a "team" as well as how this will affect the remaining big name free agents: David Lee, Carlos Boozer, and Mr. Thursday Night Special. So far the Atlantic Division has gained Amare and lost Bosh and, in all likelihood, David Lee. Waiting for the pin to drop in Jersey.

Anyway, comment on all that good stuff here, but get ready for more eye-gouging summer league action to come.

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