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Into the Future: T'Wolves or Sixers?

10 days ago we kicked off the 'Into the Future' series by comparing the future of the Sixers to the Carmelo Anthony-led Denver Nuggets. In somewhat of a surprise the Sixers finished with 63 percent of the votes. Today we'll stay in the same division and compare the Sixers future to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

(Based on the extremely biased votes of Sixers fans)

Better future than Sixers


Worse future than Sixers


Front Office

Mike Prada makes an interesting case for David Khan being a slightly better GM than Stefanski in his recent GM power rankings, claiming that Khan's plan -- albeit a bad plan -- is better than not having a plan, like Stefanski. Although I believe it's close, I'd still take Stefanski and company over Khan. Khan might have a plan, but he's signed some absurd deals, made some weird trades, and collects more ones than a stripper on a Saturday night. Stefanski also has DiLeo by his side, who has put together quite the resume since being named assistant GM in 2003.

Wolves roster

Wolves salary (not fully updated)

Valuable Assets

Jonny Flynn -- Flynn had a terribly disappointing rookie season and at this point he's no better than Lou Williams. However; Flynn still has three years left on his rookie deal and I assume he'll improve.

Ricky Rubio -- It's uncertain whether Rubio will ever suit up for the Wolves, but he's a valuable asset to have.

Wesley Johnson -- Big, big fan of Wesley Johnson. I don't think he'll ever be an All-Star, but he'll be a very good player.

Kevin Love -- One of my favorite players in the NBA. Stud rebounder, good shooter, great passer, good guy, still two years left on his rookie contract.

My take:

The Sixers have more talent on their roster and a slightly less incompetent (!) front office. The only thing the Wolves have going for them is a little cap space and the rights to Ricky Rubio. In my extremely biased opinion the Sixers have a brighter future than the the Wolves. What say you?

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