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Site Rules Revisited #2: Championships

Sorry cavern-dwellers, no heavy stuff today as news continues to be guarded by an ogre with gigantic, moth-laden testicles. Here's the All-Star rule from Monday if you missed it. Based on the suggestion of dweebowitz, the second new site rule will be as follows:

No Liberty Ballers commenter, moderator, parent or guardian shall use a previously won championship to justify why a player is good or better than another player.

Robert Horry isn't good. Did he help out on a few Lakers/Bulls/Spurs teams over his career? Sure he did. But Matt Bonner could have just as easily hit those jump shots if he was put in the position, and if he did, it wouldn't make him a good basketball player either. No offense Matt, you know I got mad love for you -- I'll see you at poker tonight.

This isn't to say that we can't discuss championships and building towards them like reasonable people (although if I had my druthers, I'd disallow talking about the '04 Pistons, then I'd punch druthers in his fat face), but I just don't want the fact that Melvin Ely has won a title to cloud how poor of a signing he would be at this point in his career. Simply because he was on a championship team, or even a number of them for some, does not make him a winner. If a guy is the 9th or 10th man off the bench for his whole career, he sucks regardless of how many championships he tripped and fell into.

First person to say we should trade for Horry then start him in the front court alongside Tony Battie gets a free trip to meet the President on Derek. I can see it now: "A winning attitude and veteran presence with toughness! Knows how to win! BASKETBALL SENSE! I'M TWEAKING OUT! HOW DID I GET IN THIS TRASH CAN?!" -- Future Ed Stefanski.

Good on everybody so far for abiding by the ASG rule and I hope this aids in consistently cogent debates. Suggestions on rule number 3? "Killing of your first born" is tops on the list right now, so it'll take some pretty persuasive prose (Triple P) to sway me.

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