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Monday Musings: Starters, Contracts, and Too Much Kapono

Some things to think about on this painfully uneventful start to the new week:

  • The assumption is Evan Turner starts right off the bat. With a poor training camp and some head trauma for Doug Collins, does Willie Green slither in past Turner and Jodie Meeks for the billionth time?
  • Would anyone take Jason Kapono off our hands for the trade exception and a second rounder? Should we just let him expire at the end of the season? He and Nocioni are making a combined $13.5 mil this year. Barf.
  • Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, Jason Smith, and Meeks have team options or qualifying offers after the season. What happens to them?
  • Speaking of Hawes, he and Andres Nocioni are slated to wear numbers 31 and 5, respectively. That's according to HoopsHype's page. Getcher jerseys!
  • Why does Katy Perry get more attractive every time I see her?

Discuss. If some stone cold debate happens in the comments, I'll write tomorrow's post about the issue. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Also, this is my last full week on the East Coast before trekking out West next Thursday. If anybody has done the cross-country thing or lives in the northern midwest, I'll be passing through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, ending up in LA, and I'm looking for weird and awesome (but mostly weird) places to stop. Missouri, Kansas, and Wyoming are also possibilities.

Word to all of your mothers.

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