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Site Rules Revisited #1: All-Stars

On every blog, it takes the new reader some time to acclimate himself to the vibe and style of the writers and commenters. If you had just stumbled over here and came across something like "We should've drafted Favors. Evans is a bust! /Ricko'd," you wouldn't understand what this means. And at the same time, we as moderators have our own things that annoy us that I'd like to address in a few of these posts.

In the Community Guidelines, Jordan identifies swearing, religion, name-calling, plagiarism, trolling, and That Guy-ing, but for all the new peeps and peepettes coming by, I'd like to propose the "All-Star rule" as an addition. With the addition of Derek a few months back and our use of Synergy Sports Technology, LB is heading towards the more secular world of Advanced Statistics (nerds!). Therefore, things like "He hasn't even made an all-star team!" will not be acknowledged as a reasonable argument.

This isn't meant as an attack on anyone, and any past wrongdoings surely won't be held against you in the future. But from now on, if you see someone use the All-Star game to defend or condemn a player, I ask you to flag that comment. (Actions -> Flag -> (Reason) "All-Star!") The ASG is voted by fans. And fans, by nature, are idiots. This mostly excludes us because we are all competent enough to operate a computer. That is, unless you were searching for Michael Bay's home address and stumbled here accidentally, in which case, Welcome idiot!

If you're looking for new ways to back up arguments, which we wholeheartedly support, check out Basketball Reference, Basketball Prospectus, and 82games, among a multitude of other sites. Please help me enforce this addition to our site, because it'll make us all better analysts and human beings. Andre Iguodala is not a bad basketball player because he's never been in an All-Star Game, and Mo Williams is not a good one because he has.

I'll take other suggestions on new site rules via comments or secret e-mails if you're French.

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